What is Payworld Money Wallet?
Payworld Money Wallet is a semi-closed prepaid payment Wallet, with the help of which you can make payments for all your bills like electricity, telephone, mobile, pay DTH subscriptions, book tickets, transfer your wallet balance to a bank account, do online shopping and much more.
How do I load/get money in my Payworld money wallet ?
There are 2 ways you can load your wallet
"Add Money" button lets you load your Payworld money Wallet from your debit/credit card, or net banking.
You can load your wallet through 60,000 Payworld outlet in cash also. Kindly call our customer care number 011-437588 to know your nearest outlet.
What are the benefits I can get with Payworld Money Wallet?
Security and Convenience: Consider that you would no longer have to carry around cash, credit or debit cards and you can buy the services that you or a friend may need from anywhere at anytime. You can use Payworld money wallet for any goods and services as long as the merchant or service provider is also a Payworld money wallet registered client. An additional benefit is that you no longer need to queue up to make payments. With this service, you can make your payments at any time and from anywhere.
How to activate Payworld Money wallet ?
By filling with your basic detail like Mobile No, Email ID, Name, Gender on our website or On our app , you can easily create Payworld money wallet .
How do I use the Payworld Money Wallet ?
Log on to the website from available list of merchants, on which Payworld Money Wallet is active. Simply select Payworld Money as payment option, and fill Wallet basic detail and your password to complete the transaction.
What is the Password ?
On first time login, password will be sent to your registered mobile no & in case you forget your password then you may reset password by reset password option.
What can Payworld Money Wallet do ?
This Wallet can be used for following Services:
  • Electricity bills
  • Railway Ticket Booking (Coming Soon)
  • Railway Ticket Booking (Coming Soon)
  • Air Ticket Booking (Coming Soon)
  • Bus ticket booking
  • Telephone Bills
  • Mobile Phone Bills
  • Mobile Recharge
  • General Insurance
  • Cable/DTH Subscriptions
  • Online shopping
  • Movie Tickets booking
  • Money Transfer (Coming Soon)
What is the validity of the Payworld Money Wallet ?
Your Payworld Money Wallet is valid for 12 months from the date of last use. When you logon to www.payworldmoney.com, you can check your Wallet validity by logging in with your Wallet details.
How can I check the balance/usage/validity of my Payworld money wallet ?
You can log on to www.payworldmoney.com, click on login, put your Mobile no. and password. After logging in, you can check anytime your Wallet usage on various services, along with balance available in the Wallet and its validity.
What is KYC ?
KYC is Know your customer (KYC) is the due diligence that Smart Payment must perform to identify their clients and ascertain relevant information pertinent to doing financial business with them.
What all documents are required for completing KYC of the Wallet?
The documentation required are:
  • Identity proof
  • Residential address
  • Passport size photograph
  • Valid Phone number to map the issued Wallet with same number
What are the charges associated with the Payworld money wallet?
  • Purchase at merchant site : Nil
  • Payworld money to payworld Money Wallet Transfer : Nil
  • Payworld money Wallet to Bank Transfer – KYC Customer - Rs. 15 or 1.5 % of Transfer Amount whichever is higher